Bursaries & Scholarships

Bursaries & Scholarships

Scholarships, exhibitions and bursary awards

Academic Scholarships are awarded in recognition of academic excellence. The majority of awards are offered following the Entrance Assessment for 11+ and 13+ candidates, when pupils are automatically considered (no separate application is required). Those already in the school will automatically be considered when entering Year 9, based on their achievements over the preceding two years.  At 16+, Scholarships are awarded mainly to those already in the school through a formal process of references, interview and written exam in the Spring Term of the Fifth Year. Those applying to join our Sixth Form may be considered following their interview and invited to our Scholarship examination in March, or after publication of GCSE results. There is an expectation of a minimum grade average of 8.3.  

Academic Exhibitions are awarded to pupils whose involvement in activities within the school is at an exceptionally high level and/or the wider community of Petersfield.

Music Scholarships are awarded in recognition of musical excellence. The expected standard for consideration on the first study (instrument or voice) is around Grade 5 at 11+ and around Grade 6-7 at 13+, with a second study also offered. Auditions are held in January, where applicants must play two contrasted pieces on their first study and another piece on their second study, and perform aural and sight reading tests. Applications by external pupils should be made to the Admissions office.  Current pupils are automatically considered throughout their time at the school.  Consideration may be given to candidates offering instruments in short supply at the College. Awards come with either 5% or 10% fee remission.

Music Exhibitions are awarded to pupils for a specific instrument where the school reimburses the cost of the individual music lessons.

All Scholars and Exhibition holders are required to maintain the highest standards in achievement and behaviour at the school.  Music Scholars and Exhibition holders are required to be supportive of school music making and to take part in music groups as required by the Director of Music.

The Richard Churcher Foundation raises funds to support a limited number of bursaries for existing and prospective pupils at both schools. All bursaries are means-tested and can be awarded in cases where it would not otherwise be financially possible for the pupil to join or remain at the school. As a guide for the 2024/25 academic year, to be considered for a 75% award, gross parental income must be in the range of £42,200 to £55,500 depending on assets. All bursaries are subject to review periodically and in the event of any material change in parental income or assets.

Following an offer of a place, applications to be considered for a bursary can be made via an online form and provision of supporting documentation. Please contact the Head of Finance if you have any questions on the process: [email protected].