Bursaries & Scholarships

Bursaries & Scholarships

Scholarships, exhibitions and bursary awards

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded in recognition of academic excellence and exceptional contribution to the community of the school and/or the wider community of Petersfield. Exhibitions may also be awarded to those whose involvement in activities within the school is at an exceptionally high level.

The majority of awards are offered following the Churcher’s Entrance Examination at age 11+. All candidates are automatically considered. Further awards are available at 13+ and 16+. Those entering at 13+ will be considered in respect to their performance in the Entrance Examination for that age group. Those already in the school will also be considered based on their performance over the preceding two years.

A number of Scholarships are available for Sixth Form study. The majority are awarded to candidates already within the College but others are available to those joining the Sixth Form. The initial award of Scholarships takes place in March and assessment is through references, interview and written examination. Further consideration is given following the publication of GCSE results. There is an expectation of a minimum grade average of over 8.

Scholars and Exhibitioners are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic endeavour and behaviour. Those failing to do so may put their award in jeopardy.

Exhibition Awards

These are awarded at 16+ to individuals who have shown strong academic performance but in addition have achieved an exceptional level in an activity outside the classroom such as national level representation.

Music Scholarships and Music Exhibitions

Music Scholarships give a reduction of school fees and are awarded mainly at 11+, although outstanding candidates may be considered at any age. Music Exhibitions are specific to an instrument and cover the cost of the individual music lessons.

The standards required on the first study (instrument or voice) are around Grade 5 at 11+ and around Grade 6-7 at 13+. A second study should also be offered. Some consideration is given to applicants offering instruments in short supply at the College, though the overriding criteria are musicianship and technical accomplishment. Music Scholars and Exhibition holders are required to be supportive of College music making and to take part in music groups as required by the Director of Music.

Auditions are held in January for all 11+ candidates and external candidates at 13+ and 16+. Applicants must play two contrasted pieces on their first study and one piece on any secondary study offered. There will also be aural tests and sight reading tests on the first instrument. 11+ and external candidate applications should be made by letter to the Admissions team. The Director of Music will automatically consider internal candidates and no formal application or additional audition is necessary.

Bursary Awards

The Richard Churcher Foundation Bursaries are mainly awarded to existing pupils of the College (including the Junior School) but consideration is also given to those entering at 11+, 13+ or 16+. The awards are based upon a clearly identified need and is a means-tested process. Pupils who have been awarded a scholarship may apply for additional support. Parents apply to the Bursary Committee for assistance and will be required to complete a comprehensive application form. In addition, the School may require a home visit to verify any information supplied.

Bursary Awards will normally remain in place for one or two years before they are reviewed. If there is a material change in parental income or assets, we would review the award on an ad hoc basis. Awards above 50% may be given in very exceptional circumstances.

The former Government Assisted Places Scheme (APS) protocol is used as a basis for determining levels of award, suitably adjusted to account for inflation. Unlike the APS, parental assets as well as income will be taken into consideration. Details of income threshold levels are adjusted annually and are also dependent on the number of siblings. At present, and as a guide, to be considered for the minimum level of award, ie 10%, family income should not exceed the guide figure of £73,055 and there should not be any significant parental assets.

Applications for Bursaries are invited via an online process after admissions offers have been made following the entrance assessment in January. Decisions on financial support will be communicated before the acceptance deadline, which is the first working day in March.

Please contact the Head of Finance if you have any questions on the process: ([email protected]).