Junior Academic

Junior Academic
Junior (4 - 11)

Academic rigour is at the heart of our teaching

We seek to balance the acquisition of knowledge and skills to equip children with the tools they need to be both happy and successful.

We have activities catering for the varying needs of our pupils and allowing all to take their next steps in learning.

Junior Curriculum

The curriculum is broad and balanced; combining academic, creative and holistic elements. It gives children a varied day, promoting curiosity and a lifelong love of learning in preparation for Senior School and beyond. We strongly believe that academic success is embedded in attitude towards learning and reflects our values which underpin the curriculum referred to as the 5Rs. The curriculum is constantly under review and works to spiral content to ensure variety and incremental growth.

Nursery and Reception (EYFS)
Years 1 and 2
Years 3 - 6

Academic Assessment

Whilst we support all the children in our school, the strength of our provision leads to academic success. We use standardised testing to monitor progress in key areas and the data collected is used to ensure support and extension is provided. We have a Learning Enrichment department which works in conjunction with the class teacher. The standardised scores on average are around 110-115 (with 100 being the national norm). We are transparent in the data we collect, and our reports contain the results. We acknowledge, however, that testing is just one part of the picture and continue to provide informative feedback based on classroom performance and attitudes to learning.

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Academic Assessment Data