Term Dates

Term Dates
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Academic Year 2023/2024

Dates that have changed since the previously published version are in red.

Summer Term 2024

Mon 15/04/2024Term Begins
Sat 25/05/2024Half Term Starts
Sun 02/06/2024Half Term Ends
Fri 05/07/2024End of Term

Academic Year 2024/2025

Autumn Term 2024

Tues 03/09/2024Lower Sixth & First Year Pupil Induction (Senior School only)
Wed 04/09/2024Term Begins
Fri 25/10/2024Half Term Starts
Sun 03/11/2024Half Term Ends
Fri 13/12/2024End of  Term

Spring Term 2025

Tues 07/01/2025Term Begins
Sat 15/02/2025Half Term Starts
Sun 23/02/2025Half Term Ends
Fri 04/04/2025End of Term

Summer Term 2025

Mon 28/04/2025Term Begins
Sat 24/05/2025Half Term Starts
Sun 01/06/2025Half Term Ends
Fri 04/07/2025End of Term

Academic Year 2025/2026 (Provisional)

Autumn Term 2025

Tues 02/09/2025Lower Sixth & First Year Pupil Induction (Senior School only)
Wed 03/09/2025Term Begins
Fri 17/10/2025Half Term Starts
Sun 26/10/2025Half Term Ends
Fri 12/12/2025End of  Term

Spring Term 2026

Tues 06/01/2026Term Begins
Sat 14/02/2026Half Term Starts
Sun 22/02/2026Half Term Ends
Fri 27/03/2026End of Term

Summer Term 2026

Mon 20/04/2026Term Begins
Sat 23/05/2026Half Term Starts
Sun 31/05/2026Half Term Ends
Fri 03/07/2026End of Term

Please note that dates for 2025-2026 may change to coincide with Hampshire CC dates which are published one year in advance.