Senior Pastoral Care

Senior Pastoral Care
Senior (11 - 16)

Pastoral care is at the heart of all we do

Our welcoming, nurturing and secure environment ensures that every pupil feels valued and supported, thus enabling them to succeed academically, and in the many and varied extra-curricular activities that are on offer.

Our pastoral system is one based upon excellent interactions, both formal and informal, between pupils and staff. Our pupils have a wide range of adults in the school community to whom they can talk, and who will have concern and compassion for them.

The relationship with a pupil’s Head of House and Form Tutor is a particularly important one, however some pupils will find they talk most easily to one of the School Nurses, or one of their subject teachers. Some prefer to talk to a Counsellor, or the school’s Chaplain, if they are worried about something in particular, because they find these specialist members of staff particularly accessible and reassuring.

In essence, we like to think that it would be hard for a Churcher’s pupil not to find someone to whom he or she finds it easy to talk.

Linked to this, another key feature of our pastoral provision is a strong partnership between school and home. Open dialogue with parents is actively encouraged, and contributes significantly to maintaining the happiness and wellbeing of our pupils.

Perhaps most importantly, Churcher’s pupils also share problems with each other, and are incredibly supportive, tolerant and understanding of their peers; we see this as one of the defining characteristics of our school.

Nelson House Trip to Calshot Activities Centre.

Pupils’ social development is excellent. They feel nurtured and well supported by the staff, and are highly appreciative of the help and guidance which they receive.


By the time the pupils leave school, they are well-balanced, thoughtful and considerate individuals with an excellent standard of personal development


- ISI Inspection Report 2015

The House System
Form Tutors
School Counsellor
School Nurses
School Chaplains

Key Pastoral Personnel:

  • Deputy Head (Pastoral) – Mr C Jones
  • Senior Teacher (Pastoral) – Mrs S Herrington
  • Senior Teacher (Wellbeing, Inclusion & Safeguarding) – Mr R Hoe
  • Head of Collingwood House – Mr B Seal
  • Head of Drake House – Mr J Daniel
  • Head of Grenville House – Mr J Seaton
  • Head of Nelson House – Mr J Harris
  • Head of Rodney House – Mr J Yugin-Power
  • School Nurses – Mrs S Martin & Mrs A Taylor
  • School Counsellor – Mrs J Wakeland
  • Honorary School Chaplain - Reverend Canon William Hughes, St Peter’s, Petersfield