Welcome to the Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School
Senior (11 - 16)

Ask any eleven-year-old where their future lies, what aspirations they have, and only a few, if any, could give you a clear answer and nor would you want or expect one.

Predetermining direction when talents are not yet fully developed can often lead one down the wrong path.

The Senior School is, therefore, very much about the breadth of opportunity and experience.

Churcher’s College Senior School is a continuation of a journey, a stepping stone to the next stage in life which for many, if not most, is university and the more competitive, selective universities. To access these institutions, you need a golden set of keys, A Level exam grades of the highest calibre.

The academic programme here provides exactly that with children more often than not exceeding expectation.

But once at university A Level results largely become obsolete, yesterday’s currency, and you need much more to thrive and succeed at university and life beyond. Self-reliance, self-confidence, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication are but some of the other talents you need to develop. This can often be achieved more readily outside of the classroom than in; half-way up a mountain, you’re cold, it’s dark and you’re lost, yet you find your way home, what better way to build self-confidence.

The benefits of a flourishing extra-curricular programme cannot be underestimated.

Though many will sail through teenage years with serene calm and assurance there are a few of life’s hurdles to overcome. A First Year pupil moving from one room to the next with the right books at the right time; a Third Year pupil managing home and extra-curricular activities; and then there are GCSE and A Level and university choices.

Underpinning the academic and extra-curricular there needs to be a powerful pastoral system which can adapt to the needs of the individual.

School is undoubtedly a journey and education needs to be about preparing for destinations, but not necessarily predetermining what they will be and most importantly it should be about fun and friendships on the way. Churcher’s Senior School provides just that.

Simon Williams