Sixth Form Life

Sixth Form Life
Sixth Form (16 - 18)

Our Sixth Form is large enough to provide a lively social environment, helped by the leisure facilities and friendly atmosphere in Ramshill, the Sixth Form centre.

It is also small enough for students to be known personally, for potential to be recognised and developed and for support to be given when needed. Greater responsibility is placed on members of the Sixth Form and they are expected to be good role models for younger students.

Sixth Form Life

Alongside this growing responsibility, the relationship between students and teachers also evolves, becoming more relaxed and characterised by mutual respect. Students are treated more like adults and teachers may seek contributions from them.

Students do not have a uniform, but there is a dress code and students are required to wear a business suit.

I joined Churcher’s in the Lower Sixth after moving from Bohunt and already the opportunities that I have been presented with have been incredible. I have found the Sixth Form environment easy to settle into, and the standard of teaching here is very high.

Jack Titley

Life as a Sixth Former

We aim for students to become independent in their learning and to develop good time management skills as early as possible.

The first day of the Lower Sixth is devoted to an induction programme which combines the study skills needed for A Levels with social time to help students settle in.

It is our philosophy to train students to take responsibility for their own learning, preparing for university and life beyond the Sixth Form in an environment in which they are not over-supervised, but well supported. The Sixth Form will be the students’ first experience of private study periods during which they will be expected to work independently, such as in the library or the Garden Room.

In addition to private study, there is a wealth of support available to students throughout their time in the Sixth Form. Departments run a range of support sessions during lunchtimes and after school, and over the Easter period the school runs an extensive revision programme called Sprint Finish.

Being at Churcher’s has helped me so much at making effective use of my spare time. I have felt supported and guided by my personal tutor who made sure I was on track and coping with the workload.

India Moulton - Sixth Former


Ramshill has a large conservatory, two computer rooms and study rooms with interactive whiteboards, modern lighting, and conference style furniture.

WiFi makes internet access easy and the Garden Room is an excellent modern extension for study or socialising. The cellar has been developed into a music studio, complete with state-of-the-art recording technology and a rehearsal room.

Ramshill is always full of life at break times, with music, television, games of pool or relaxation in the garden, not forgetting the tea and toast. Sixth formers also enjoy the opportunity to go out of College at lunchtime and may leave at 2.40 pm if they are free, by arrangement with their Personal Tutors.

In addition to Ramshill, which is separate and well screened from the rest of the campus, the facilities of the whole College are available to students - the superb science laboratories, ICT suite, lecture theatre, on-site sports facilities, Careers Centre and Library.

The Upper Library is exclusively for Sixth Form students, offering a quiet space to study with plenty of computers and bean bags.