Sixth Form Pastoral Care

Sixth Form Pastoral Care
Sixth Form (16 - 18)

In Churcher’s College Sixth Form we work together with parents to ensure students have the opportunity to flourish. The pastoral care system begins with an underlying ethos of consideration and kindness and the school’s pastoral care provision was rated ‘excellent’ in the most recent ISI Inspection.

In Ramshill, the Sixth Form Centre, we have an expectation of good behaviour and encourage our students to take on additional responsibility as they mature through the Sixth Form, in order that they may develop their self-confidence.

All staff take a role in supporting students. Key figures with specific responsibility for student welfare in the Sixth Form are the Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Head of Sixth Form Pastoral and the Head of House.

Form & Personal Tutors

Alongside this, the pupils are all members of a form group, which usually comprises of 12-14 students with a Form Tutor who they will see and liaise with each day. Significant additional support in the Sixth Form comes in the form of a Personal Tutor who is responsible for up to ten personal tutees, with no more than five in each year.

The Personal Tutors’ role is to oversee all academic and pastoral matters for the Sixth Formers in their care and pupils will discuss grading cards and progress with their tutors on a regular basis. It is the Personal Tutor who is the first point of liaison with parents and the school recognises the importance of strong links between school and home. Medical Staff and class teachers also play a significant role in supporting the students through their time in the Sixth Form.

Pupils, particularly those in the Sixth Form, show an emotional maturity through their experiences in PSHE, religious studies, philosophy and the performing arts.

ISI Inspection Report

Other Support Staff

The students are fortunate enough to have a dedicated School Counsellor, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and a School Nurse permanently on site looking out for the welfare of pupils.

The House System

The House system provides the perfect opportunity for all members of the Sixth Form to enhance their teamwork and leadership skills. The Heads of House nominate House Captains and Vice Captains who take leading roles in House assemblies, and charitable events which take place throughout the year.

House Sports Captains organise regular inter House sports fixtures and Sixth Form Peer Mentors look after younger pupils in the school, helping to guide them through their formative years.

Leadership and teambuilding is encouraged to raise the students’ self-esteem and resilience, and to this end all Sixth Formers take part in a Team Building Day at the start of the Lower Sixth.

At Churcher’s and Beyond

Besides leadership and teamwork we are keen to emphasise the need to help students to become responsible and capable members of wider society. We take pride in encouraging our students to lead healthy lifestyles and we have embraced initiatives from the Local Health Authority and Hampshire Police.


Sixth Form Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at Churcher's College includes various aspects such as life skills, leadership training, team building and lectures. PSHE also complements activities within the new enrichment programme and the work done on HE/university preparation and careers.

The Safe Drive Stay Alive seminar is particularly relevant as our students begin to learn to drive. A series of workshops and talks about learning to cope with stress, resilience, exam planning and mindfulness are also hosted throughout the year to help students in the Sixth Form.

'Spiritual Spaces' is the name given to a range of reflection themes developed for use in Churcher's College Sixth Form tutorial time. The resources developed seek to aid Sixth Form tutors in providing opportunities, at least weekly, for Sixth Form students to pause, reflect, consider and discuss issues which may be topical, moral or ethical such as forgiveness, cyber security and the role of free speech.

It is hoped that all pupils of Churcher’s Sixth Form find the College a nurturing and supportive environment where they can develop and thrive. There are certainly many opportunities for pupils to get involved and a dedicated team of staff members to support them on their journey.