These Are The Hands...


Those who follow us on social media will have been as excited as we were for some of the Year 6 pupils’ Michael Rosen inspired poems to be retweeted by the author himself! Simply brilliant! Scroll down to see some more Rosen inspired poetry from our pupils:

A poem by Ella

Post workers

These are the hands
Who Empty the letterbox
Collect postcards
Dive the vans
Deliver the cards
Knock on doors
Give the parcels

Bin workers

These are the hands
Who Empty the bins
Collect the rubbish
Put back the bin
Drive the van
Get rid of the waste
Make a racket


These are the hands
Who scrub the surface
Wash your cloths
Make your bed
Clean the table
Mop the floor
Hoover the carpet
Wipe the mirror

A poem by Ruari

For all the workers

These are the collectors that empty the bin, collect the cart, drive the lorry and wheel the waist.
These are the people who stack the shelves, clean the till, empty the bag, count the money and carry the food.
This is the cleaner who wipes the floor, works the taps, unblock the loos, turn on the drier and kill the germs.
These are the people who deliver the parcel, keep it safe, drive to places, pack the package, pick up the box and gather the glass.
And those are the hands that work all day. Remember to do it day to day.

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These Are The Hands...