OC Day 2021


We are really disappointed we couldn't host OC Day at the College this year. Not only were we really looking forward to welcoming back the Old Churcherians with a revamped "OC Day", we were also keen to update you on everything that has been going on and our plans for the future. So, instead, we have put together a a number of short videos to give you a 'virtual' taste of what you would have experienced on the day.  

This includes:

  • A welcome message from Headmaster, Simon Williams.
  • A tour of the school, that was filmed during lockdown for prospective pupils and their parents. It gives you a flavour of what school is like in 2021 and how the use of the various locations around the College have changed over the years.
  • A timelapse film showing the development of the new Goodfield Design & Technology Centre over the past 18 months.
  • Two virtual concerts that the pupils have performed over the most recent lockdown, showing that the current Churcherians are carrying on the musical traditions of their forebears.
  • "The Final" video edit of the OC Sport Challenge. You can identify current  Churcher's students by the blue border and OCs by the burgundy border. We are sure you will agree that the OCs win hands down for inventiveness and skill!

All films can be found here in the video gallery.

OC Sport Club

We had wanted OC Day to be the day we launched the OC Sport Club to all OC sportsmen and women. A club for all those passionate about sport and who want to help create opportunities for OCs to engage with each other and the school through sport. In time we will create a section of the Churcher's Community website which is dedicated to the OC Sport Club. Do let us know if you are interested in getting involved - click here.

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OC Day 2021