Exercise Striking Tiger

Senior CCF

In March 2024, Beharry platoon of Churcher’s College Army Section (consisting of Fourth Year and Lower Sixth cadets) deployed to Longmoor N2A training area for Exercise Striking Tiger.

The two-day training programme was designed to test all of the skills taught over the past two years, now including the L98A2 rifle with blank ammunition to simulate realistic tactical scenarios.

On arrival, cadets were immediately briefed on the situation on the ground and made aware of the presence of the dreaded HFF (Hampshire Freedom Fighters). Given a grid reference and a map, our senior cadets led by Sgt Maddie Gay began the kilometre patrol to their planned defendable harbour area to the north.

Carrying all their kit, equipment, sleeping system, and rations for the coming 24 hours, cadets moved silently through the challenging terrain, only to come across an enemy ambush.

The new cadets responded excellently with a high rate of co-ordinated fire to repel the HFF forces, and showed off their weapon handling skills.

Amidst the pitch black of the night and heavy rain, Beharry platoon established a harbour area and got themselves dry and warm in their bashas under the direction of their Sixth Form Non-Commissioned Officers. With first light the following morning at 0600, cadets quickly and quietly prepared themselves for the coming day with ration packs, ammunition count, and battle-cleaning their weapons, before patrolling to the more open parts of the training area. Here, cadets were taught three tactical lessons: how to perform a deliberate attack, ambush drills, and the procedures for withdrawing from enemy contact.

All members of the platoon showed outstanding moral courage and discipline to demonstrate their newly learned skills.

In just 24 hours, Exercise Striking Tiger built up the platoon’s resilience, knowledge and skills, reminding all staff, NCOs, and cadets of the huge value provided by the Cadet Force. Although somewhat broken, cadets boarded the coach home with beaming grins and a genuine sense of pride.

Huge thanks go to all staff involved in the planning and delivery of the exercise, especially Lt Perry. We look forward to the progression of this platoon through the more advanced parts of their syllabus in the years to come.

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Exercise Striking Tiger